DSCN2843Who are the instructors?
The instructors come from the jazz education community and are great players as well as educators. (See the directors page of this website.)

Are there any prerequisites for being in a group?
Yes. Music reading is required. The level of the groups right now is from intermediate to advanced. As more classes are developed less proficient abilities can be accommodated, except for beginning instrumentalists. Those we can help find private instruction for.

Where do you rehearse?
We rehearse at The Forsberg Engerman Building at 3575 S. Sherman, Denver, CO
(Corner of Sherman & Hampden)

How often do you meet and for how long?
Each group meets once a week. Combos meet for 1 or 1 1/2 hours, big bands for 1 1/2 hours. Future classes may meet 1 1/2 to 2 hours but only run for 6 to 8 weeks.

Do you play concerts and other “gigs”? If so how often?
Yes to the first question. We try to have each group perform at least once every two months.

What happens if I can’t make every rehearsal?
First, this happens to everyone. Each person, everyone in the big bands and rhythm players in the combos, are expected to get their own substitute from lists provided by the Workshop.

How do members pay?
If you participate in a group the fee is $60 per month payable at the beginning of the month. If you participate in two groups the fee is $90, a savings of $30 a month. The 6 or 8 week classes between $150 and $175.

What if I am unable or don’t want to pay. Is there still any way for me to participate in the Workshop?
A: Yes. Two possibilities. (a) You can be on a sub list for your instrument(s). Our members are always looking for people to fill in for them when they are unable to attend a particular rehearsal or performance. And (b) There are also instances where we need someone to fill a chair until we can find a permanent replacement, what we call a semi-permanent sub.

How do I join a band?

Audition Process

  1. Come to one or more rehearsals as an observer ONLY.
  2. If you determine this is for you, which means you have the the musical ability necessary to keep up AND you can dedicate to attending rehearsals on a consistent basis, then contact Edd Nichols at 303-935-8866 or email: [email protected].
  3. Edd will interview you to discuss your musical background and your goals with the band.
  4. If space is available, a playing audition will be set up with one of the bands. Upon approval from the director of the band you will be invited to join. If space is not available, you will be placed on a waiting list.